Why Consistent Posting on Social Media is Essential Part of Social Media Marketing

Consistent Posting on Social Media Is Not Optional

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You must have consistent posting on social media. Social media is easy to use as a private individual since there isn’t usually much of anything beyond personal engagement on the line. However, in the SMB world, you don’t have the luxury to make mistakes.

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Of course, these pitfalls can come in many forms. One of the most common, beyond substandard content, is failing to post consistently. You’d be surprised to know how quickly you can fall off by not doing so since both individual and business clients are now using social media to consume information to make purchasing decisions.

Thankfully, with the right social media marketing tips, you can turn things around for the best. Everything below is easy to digest and should help you understand the value of regular social media posts.

What Does a Good Social Media Marketing Strategy Look Like?

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Creating engaging content regularly sits at the center of an airtight social media strategy. After all, you’re aiming to use some of the most powerful tools in the form of social networks and aiming to reach or even supersede your branding or marketing goals.

It’s easy to create a profile on a social network, but you’ll also need to ensure it’s well-maintained and optimized.

This means that whatever stories, live videos, text, pictures, etc., are being shared need to increase brand awareness and ensure that the audience being engaged and retained is relevant.

If your business model is cleaning corporate offices, for example, you want to be noticed by businesses that have offices needing cleaning. Content that attracts mostly schoolchildren probably wouldn’t be beneficial here.

Beyond what you post, fostering interactions is another critical area. As people share, like, comment, and send direct messages, understanding when to respond and how to do so is invaluably important.

You also want to be following your intended and existing business clients and even potentially leverage influences to build trust and an eventual brand community.

Why Consistent Social Media Posting Is Non-negotiable

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Whether it’s random videos about social networks, advertisements, or businesses offering social media services, you’ve likely heard that using these platforms right is a competitive advantage for your business needs. How so? Here’s a look at some of the key benefits of getting the formula right:

  1. Lead and customer generation – You can leverage social media to convert potential customers directly. This is thanks to features such as direct messaging, appointment booking features, social media storefronts, and call-to-action buttons.
  2. Business voice – Your success as an SMB will often depend on how potential and existing customers see your business. Social media allows you to develop and communicate a consistent voice or persona. This makes building trust and authority that much easier.
  3. More website traffic – When you create engaging content, there should be relevant links to allow social network users to go directly to your website. This is one of the top channels for traffic generation with potential conversions.
  4. Brand recognition – Awareness is one thing, but your visual identity is another. The more you can cement this with your audience is the more you can achieve progressively greater successful social media marketing campaigns in the future.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of how much you stand to gain just by using social media the right way as a business tool.

The Small Business Social Media Strategy Problem

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Now you have an idea of how social media networks are meant to be used and the kinds of benefits that can tie right into your KPIs. Unfortunately, SMBs often miss the mark, meaning that not only do they not reap the rewards they could, but they may also actively hurt their online reputation. Why is that the case?

90% of social media accounts are abandoned wastelands, and business accounts make up a big part of that statistic. Given a random social network, you’ll find many profiles with posts that are months apart and others that haven’t posted in years even though these are active businesses.

Many of these were attempts at breaking into the social media realm by SMB owners, but that is a tall order to fill. Random social media marketing courses won’t teach you everything you need to know about the space. The reality is that most SMB owners don’t know how to play the social media game.

What does a comprehensive social media marketing plan look like? Is there a social media content calendar guiding what goes on your profile? How do you appeal to Twitter users vs Instagram users?

Knowledge is one thing but then there’s also the capacity. An SMB owner is typically way too busy to be managing social media marketing goals effectively. You need to be on top of both your ad spend and the effectiveness of the social media strategies being used to achieve an optimal ROI.

In short, you likely can’t do this kind of thing on your own as a business owner.

High-quality Content Is Crucial to Maintaining Your Target Audience

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A part of masterful social media campaigns is the creation of high-quality content or modifying what you already have to make it as appealing to customers and leads as possible. With a consistent and well-crafted approach, you will give your audience the nurturing it needs to achieve your retention goals.

Why you should be concerned about this goes beyond deriving the benefits highlighted above. The reality is that if you aren’t being consistent and cultivating that trust with your audience, someone else will.

It’s just the world of business and you should be able to understand that. Think about other businesses that yours is a customer of. What would you do if you felt like you couldn’t trust them to deliver the kind of value you expect?

The chances are that you would go elsewhere. Unfortunately, with social media in the mix, it’s not just about what you deliver. It’s also about how you’re making your audience feel with your brand’s voice or lack thereof.

You Don’t Need to Master Social Media Platforms to Do It Right

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Thinking about the negative implications of not playing the social media marketing game might sound scary, but thankfully, you don’t need to start panicking and scrambling to think about what you can do about it.

The best approaches to social media marketing for small business purposes aren’t usually coming from business owners anyways. There are businesses out there that have developed an entire business model around digital marketing as a whole that can help you to map out what your strategy on any social media platform should be.

They help you to boost social media engagement and performance, ensuring that your customers know that you care about them with a string of continuous posts.

If you want to take the first step to ensure that you have a stream of consistent high-quality content in the form of social media posts, you’ll need to consider investing in professional services. www.OneMore StarMedia.com offers professional social media services.

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Services Complement Each Other

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The design of the different elements of professional social media services allows them to complement each other to yield success in your business goals and endeavors.

For example, there is the matter of creating great content for your customers, but this will be directly related to choosing the right platforms. These choices will depend on the goals and objectives laid out, which you will also get assistance to set.

As time goes on, evaluations will be done to ensure that performance is in line with what is expected with adjustments being made where necessary to achieve the expected level of engagement and conversions.

You Have No Time for Guesswork with Social Media Channels

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Unfortunately, the world of social media is not one of the most forgiving ones. It’s best to get it right the first time or at least as early as possible. There are businesses out there that offer incredible customer service in their brick-and-mortar stores but people aren’t showing up as much as they could because an unresponsive social media account gives the impression that there is a lack of care for customers.

As an SMB owner, you have the functional areas of your business to attend to. Product or service delivery, financials, having the right people performing the right functions, etc., are areas in which your efforts are more appropriately suited.

Yes, social media consistency is non-negotiable, but it’s not the kind of thing you need to be putting on your plate, especially since your dedicated outsourced provider will be reporting to you at intervals so you are aware of what performance is looking like.

The Bottom Line

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When the social media marketing equation is handled correctly, the kind of ROI that you can enjoy is nothing short of remarkable.

In today’s world, you need to meet your professional clients where they are, and many of them are on social media. Your approach needs to align with your brand identity, engage users, and be consistent to prevent your competitors from taking the customers away.

Capitalize on a dedicated social media marketing service provider today to lean on the expertise necessary to improve your competitive advantage!

By Lane Forman

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