New & Growing Social Media Platforms in 2024

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Be ready to navigate and explore these emerging social media platforms in 2024

New &Amp; Growing Social Media Platforms In 2024
New & growing social media platforms in 2024 1

In the ever-evolving social media landscape, businesses, consumers, and entrepreneurs must stay ahead of the game. With the rapid pace at which technology advances, there are new & growing social media platforms are constantly emerging, offering unique opportunities and challenges. As we enter 2024, let’s explore the exciting realm of these new and growing social media platforms that are set to make waves in the digital sphere. Brace yourself for a captivating journey through social media innovation, where imagination knows no bounds and possibilities are endless. Are you ready to dive in? Let’s begin.

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New & growing social media platforms in 2024 2

BeReal, launched in France in 2019, offers a unique way to discover real personalities of friends. The app encourages capturing genuine moments through random daily notifications, giving users 2 minutes to snap photos using both front and back cameras.

BeReal stands out with its simplicity – no filters, editing, or second chances. It provides an unfiltered glimpse into users’ everyday lives, promoting authenticity and building a community. In recognition of BeReal’s rising popularity, Instagram has even introduced its own two-camera filter, attempting to emulate the authentic aesthetic pioneered by BeReal.

BeReal experienced a 312% usage increase in 2022, with downloads soaring by 1,000% compared to the previous year. With nearly 30 million downloads, BeReal is a cultural phenomenon reshaping social media for a generation that values realness.

Instagram Reels

While Instagram Reels is not something new, it is certainly still worth paying attention too. It has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of short-form video content. Positioned as Instagram’s response to the short-form video trend (TikTok), Reels provides users with a creative platform to produce and discover engaging short videos. Its integration into the Instagram ecosystem ensures its relevance and impact in the evolving landscape of social media.

New & growing social media platforms in 2024 3

Reels, with their advanced editing options, offer a more creative and enjoyable experience compared to Stories. You can effortlessly combine clips, adjust layouts, and even add AR effects. This is precisely why Reels have gained immense popularity on the Explore page.

The interest in Reels is undeniably on the rise. If you’re already producing video content for Stories, venturing into Reels can significantly expand the reach and lifespan of your creations. So, why not explore this growing social media trend and witness the magic for yourself?

Spotify Live

In June 2021, Spotify introduced a fresh app designed specifically for live audio interactions, known as Spotify Greenroom. However, in April 2022, they rebranded it as Spotify Live. This unique twist by Spotify involves targeting musicians and athletes, leveraging their existing user base of podcast and music enthusiasts.

While having a Spotify account is not compulsory for Greenroom, users have the option to log in using their Spotify credentials. To catch Spotify Live conversations, simply visit the page of your favorite artist or creator and look for the Live on Spotify feature. If you wish to join the conversation, you can utilize the dedicated Spotify Live app to contribute to ongoing discussions or even initiate your own live room.

Within just one month of its launch, the app garnered an impressive 141,000 downloads on iOS and 100,000 on Android. Although Spotify has not disclosed more recent figures, this growing social media platform holds the advantage of capitalizing on an audio-focused foundation. Who knows, it may soon become the next big thing in the world of social media!


Originally designed as a niche app for the gaming community in 2015, Discord has evolved into a prominent chat-focused social media platform, much like TikTok’s transformation from a dance challenge app. In March 2022, Discord secured a substantial $995 million USD in funding, reflecting its growing significance. With a staggering 522 million visitors in July 2022, Discord has become a hub not only for gamers but also for diverse communities engaging in conversations ranging from dating shows to sports. The NFT and crypto communities also find a home on Discord servers.


Although Discord doesn’t directly sell ads, brands can establish a presence by creating their channels or servers, emphasizing authentic connections and conversations. This approach provides a unique opportunity for brands to foster meaningful relationships and gain valuable insights from their audience. As Discord continues to gain financial backing and popularity, its trajectory in the evolving landscape of social media remains a topic of keen interest.


Established in 2011, Twitch stands as one of the longest-standing platforms on this roster, boasting a substantial 26.5 million daily active users. Despite its considerable user base, if you’re not immersed in the gaming realm, Twitch might not be on your radar. Essentially, Twitch serves as a video streaming platform where creators engage with their audiences through live content. As of October 2022, there were 7.1 million active streamers contributing to the platform’s diverse content landscape.


While gaming content remains prevalent on Twitch, the platform has evolved to include a wide array of content, from cooking shows and makeup tutorials to musical performances. In a single quarter, users collectively consumed a staggering 6.1 billion hours of streaming content. As Twitch continues to extend its influence beyond the gaming community, brands now have an expanded array of opportunities to connect with audiences. Whether by establishing branded channels, collaborating with Twitch influencers, or investing in platform ads, companies can leverage Twitch’s diverse content ecosystem for effective audience engagement.


New & growing social media platforms in 2024 4

Established in 2013, Patreon provides a platform for content creators to generate income through subscriptions. In return for financial backing, subscribers gain exclusive access to regular content and the ability to interact with the creators.

Over the years, Patreon has expanded to encompass a community of over 250,000 creators and boasts more than eight million paid subscribers. For creators who have built a following on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, Patreon offers a means to exercise greater ownership and control over their revenue. The platform presents two subscription models: a monthly subscription or a flexible plan that allows payment per post.


Established in 2013 as a privacy-focused alternative to major platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the messaging app Telegram enables users to exchange files, photos, videos, and more through individual and group chats accommodating up to 200,000 people. Additionally, public Telegram channels, capable of amassing millions of followers, further contribute to the platform’s versatility. In recent years, Telegram has experienced rapid growth, now boasting 550 million monthly active users, and as of December 2022, reaching 1 million premium subscribers. Its role in the Russia-Ukraine War has further amplified its prominence.

New & growing social media platforms in 2024 5

Telegram introduced advertising to its platform in October 2021, limiting ads to public channels while assuring users that personal data won’t be shared with advertisers or tracked for clicks. Unlike traditional targeting based on user demographics or interests, advertisers on Telegram can opt for specific topics, channels, and languages for their ads. Moreover, brands can organically engage with audiences by establishing public channels or creating chatbots to enhance customer support.


As we embark on the journey into 2024, these new & growing social media platforms redefine the way we connect and share. The emergence of innovators present unparalleled opportunities for businesses, content creators, and individuals to explore novel avenues of engagement and expression in the growing social media landscape.

In a world where connectivity knows no bounds, the exploration of these platforms marks not just a trend but a cultural shift. The possibilities are boundless, and the adventure is only beginning. Are you prepared to embark on the journey of social media evolution in 2024? The road ahead promises discovery, innovation, and the limitless potential of connection. Let’s dive in and explore the future of social media together.

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